If you decide on INDIGMA, the affected parties will become a dedicated part of your company. We value your business performance and always respect the status quo which we find when we launch our joint project. Also, because we never begin without in-depth root cause analysis right at the start, we can confidently deal with routinely encountered resistance in the optimization in projects. Let’s get down to business and do it right together.
The basis of our corporate success

  • Our focus is on sustainable economic gain from our expert advice.
  • Our success and growth is defined by the success of our achievement for our customers.
  • Respect and appreciation for our employees, business partners and customers is an essential part of our service understanding. And we also insist on respect from staff and consulting partners from the customer point of view,
  • Mutual trust and a high degree of personal responsibility are fixed principles in the relationship with employees and partners.
  • Principles of legality and transparency are the hallmark of our business relations and processes.
  • Our business is focused on maximizing the customer’s gain, not on maximizing INDIGMA profits.
  • We enable our client companies and provide expertise. This is how we avoid dependence on consultation.
  • And that's why we take pleasure in the success.