The range of experience of our consultants, ranges from strategy projects to restructuring and through to the implementation of lean management in companies of various sizes and industries. We are happy to start with the company's strategy to avoid sub-optimization. Nevertheless, we are ready for individual lean workshops at any time. In any case, your gain is always in our focus. Here is a small selection of projects.
  • Introduction of lean production
    automotive suppliers 650 employees
    introduction OPF, Kanban, leveled manufacturing, 5S, TPM
  • Introduction of lean development automotive 10,000 employees
    workshops on process optimization and process development activities in all areas of development
  • Introduction of lean IT
    logistics service providers 5,000 employees
    lean introduced to IT departments, process optimization approval and project management processes
  • Introduction of lean production
    plastics industry 600 employees
    flow manufacturing, Kanban, 5S, leveling, Milk Run
  • Optimization of order fulfillment process, introducing lean administration plant construction 500 employees
  • Optimization of order fulfillment process
    special purpose machinery manufacture 450 employees
  • Lean assessment of international locations commercial vehicle manufacturers 10,000 employees
  • Optimization of order fulfillment process and introducing lean administration Commercial vehicle manufacturer 250 employees
  • Audit and optimization of project management processes special plant construction 5,000 employees
  • Restructuring of administration and order processing organizational development and process optimization special purpose machinery manufacture 1,800 employees